New Sterling Silver Bracelet ~ Cute beyond cuteness!

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  1. Mini Amulet Bracelets.

    There are 3 of them.

    One with a Birkin.

    One with a Kelly.

    One with a Constance.

    The amulets & round discs are in Rose Gold.

    I brought one of them home. :love: Hope the remaining two go to tPF sisters ... :yes:
    Mini Amulet Bracelets.jpg
  2. :love: Oh my how I love a charm bracelet!! They are adorable....added to my list...
  3. Very cute! Love the rose gold!
  4. Pretty!!!! Show us how it looks on your wrist!!! Please!!!!
  5. oohhhh, they are SO which one did u get Mrs S?
  6. Ooo MrsS you always bring us the latest news! Which one did you get? So cute!
  7. oh i love them! can i ask how much they are? i have been coveting rose gold lately (thanks to japster!).
  8. Oh they are so cute!!
  9. Rose Gold is always my first choice......looks so warm against the skin! LOVE these, MRSSPARKLES!!!! Why don't I ever seen these FAB pieces here?!?!!??!
  10. So cute! Show us what you got, MrsS.
  11. that is cute. action shots!!!!!!!
  12. OMG Love these!!! Will they be everywhere?

    Mind sharing the prices?
  13. Charming! Were they all the same price?
    Me wubs rose gold!
    How come it's so hard to find DESIGNER jewelry in rose gold?
  14. Love them!!!!!!!!!!
  15. mrssparkles, those are cute!! Wish they made a Bolide one. ;)