New Stephen bag by LV

  1. HI there. Was wondering if anyone out there has or has seen the new Stephen bag (designed by Marc Jacobs)? I have seen it in the LV website and really loved the leather and patent calf leather trimming on this bag.
  2. I saw the Stephen bag at NM last week. Gorgeous, gorgeous! A friend of mine whom I hadn't seen in five years was there to purchase the black/pearl or vanilla (?) color. Classy bag, but very big. At this size, the bag would be carrying me since I'm petite. For all those who love big bags and not minding shelling out $3700 this is TDF!!
  3. it gorgeous I saw it at macy's it' really nice , the leather reminds me of the mono mat
  4. omg i was holding the leopard one today... it truly is TDF!!
    haha too bad it is WAY out of my price range!
  5. Me too...unless I win the lottery.....hmmmmm
  6. I like it.
  7. Its amazing....but I dont have that kind of money :cry:
  8. have it and love it.. i actually carried the bag for my trip to paris yesterday :smile:
  9. Love them all :smile:
    stephen Mono1.jpg LV6.jpg ste.jpg
  10. I have the monogram Stephen and I love it. I need a big bag to hold all of my stuff:smile:
  11. A week or two ago, I was looking for my next bag. It was a toss up between the Suhali and Polly or Stephen. Since I could not decide, I posted a thread here to ask for opinion. Someone who has good insight reminded me that the leopard bag was not too practical, and that I would be restricted to carrying it in fancy occasions. Since I already have 2 IT bags (Fendi SPy and Chloe Paddington), another PFer recommended that I went for the classier and more timeless Suhali. Therefore, I took everybody's recommendations and bought a Suhali. I am very, very happy with my new Suhali.

    From time to time, I still look at the black/taupe patent leather Polly which drew my attention initially. Yet, I think I do not need another huge IT bag for now. I want to wait for my desire for the Polly bag to fade, as in the case of the Jimmy Choo Ramona and the YSL Muse. After a few months, if I still want the Polly bag, I can always get it then. No need to hurry now and regret later.
  12. I have the mono Stephen and have been carrying it for about two weeks. I love it!!! I love the strap that if I NEED it, I can put it on and power shop!!!! Handheld, it is nice which is how I carry it 95% of the time. It is big, but not huge IMO. I love the Speedy 30, the stephen is a little bigger. I like the extra room. I can carry extra things in it when I need to. It is a very sharp bag!!! LOVING IT!!!!