new steamer

  1. just found out from LV that the new Steamer, $7,250...that the reservation list is closed.
  2. The leopard? Because I think that the croc one costs twice that! :wtf:
  3. yes the leopard steamer, they sent me an email concerning this. what is the croc?? I dont remember seeing that one?
  4. I was on the waitlist for the frame but I changed my mind.
  5. whats the frame?
  6. It's not the right name- I just call it "the croc" because of the trim:
    Vuitton Birkin Hybrid $14,000 est..jpg
  7. Hmm... interesting design... Its not so LV as I usually see but I suppose its a 7000 LV so its gotta be a little different*