New Stam Nylon Straps...

  1. As much as I like to the new Stams I've seen... I'm finding it hard to love the new nylon straps... Maybe they will grow on me (and I'll be searching desperately for one at some point) but a $1K+ bag with a nylon strap just seems wrong...:confused1: I guess it isn't so much the nylon strap as it is the nylon strap at the same price... What do you guys think?
  2. I hate the nylon strap. I wouldn't mind it so much if it was sold with a nylon and a chain strap. It would make a lot more sense. I love that flourescent pink Stam, but the black nylon strap is turnng me off. I guess I could always just use one of the chain straps from my other Stam bags, but still.....are there other colors than the pink that come with the nylon strap?
  3. florescent pink stam?! direct me to a picture!
  4. I saw a black one in Nordies the other day... I was all excited to see it and then I picked it up and saw the strap... I think I probably frowned without realizing it because the SA says "I don't like that strap either"...
  5. The Fluorescent Pink Stam is on the Marc Jacobs website. Click on Marc Jacobs Collection, then will see it at the bottom.
  6. omg. that flourescent pink one is TDF!!!
  7. ITA about the Nylon Strap at the same price! Do they think we are STUPID!? My first idea was to use on of my other chains, but they have the leather on them, which would be the wrong color! I guess black would look OK. I thought maybe it was just on the resort bags. But I guess not! Do all of the chains have a bit of leather as well? I haven't noticed on my bags. hmmmmm

    BTW - I totally love that fluoro pink as well!
  8. I agree with the other members...I was like WTF:wtf: the first time I saw the nylon strap. I do love the Fluoro Pink :love: just hate the strap. Would look so hot with a chain...
  9. Yeah, that black strip on the top of the Fluo Pink might ruin it for me. I am going to have to see this one up close before I make a decision. I love that color, though.
  10. Agreed, the nylon strap is depressing. I love the chains.....I bet older stams on eBay will be going for a bit more $$$
  11. Guess the nylon was cheaper than the chain! Bag cost less to produce, still charge big bucks!!
  12. Laptop bag straps are not appealing to me, unless it's on my Tumi.
  13. Maybe he's trying to be "edgier" to try to offset all the other more lady-like bags that are being introduced. Also, probably to try to breathe new life into the Stam. I think it's a mistake. Don't mess with perfection!
  14. i really,strongly dislike the nylon straps... and not completely because they're nylon but because they are BLACK??! it doesn't look classy to me- it is a very tween color combo imho. he did the same thing last fall with some of the sweet punk bags- a taupe colored bag with black staps. eeck:yucky::yucky:
  15. I actually like the nylon strap on the Celia especially in Black, it looks a little rock 'n roll, a little sporty:

    However I am not sure how I feel about it on the stam. The stam seems so defined by its metallic hardware that I'm not sure if a nylon strap will really "jive". I would have to see it in person to really make a call. I think I would like a leather strap as an alt. to the chain though depending on my mood.

    Why doesn't Marc just make a different version of the stam all together if he is feeling sporty? Is that what he had done with the hot pink number in the site?