New Stam, No kisslock?

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  1. I'm wondering if the SA that approached me was full of it or not...
    But I was holding a Stam like bag, but it was not framed and it had a leather tab with snaps on it instead of a kisslock and he told me it was the new Stam????

    I said, "Oh, did they switch it because the kisslocks were a problem?"
    And he had NO idea what I was talking about, he responded with something like "I think Marc just likes to switch it up" :rolleyes: :lol:

    Anyhow, wondering if anyone knows if the kisslock is gone or if this is a a new style and what it's called.
    It was IDENTICAL to the Stam only without the frame and kisslock.

    (ps- It's not NEARLY as cute as the kisslock)
  2. I just bought that....the HOBO STAM!
  3. Funny, now that I know it's a hobo I can deal with it *L*
    It didn't seem too heavy. People are always saying their Stams are heavy, mind you it wasn't suede lined!
    Thanks for clearing that up for me!! ;)
  4. I saw the hobo stam today at Saks. It is really cute and it feels lighter than the original stam with the kisslock. Here is a picture of it from
  5. Just got mine delivered today from Elux in black! Very light and practical. So glad I waited for this bag to come out. I love the outside pocket, it is so big and roomy and the top closure is a breeze.
  6. That bag is so pretty IRL! I love it in the Mouse color
  7. Is the hardware too "bling-y"? It is difficult for me to judge off of the internet photos, as it is never a true representation of the color.
  8. I like it! I didn't like the kisslock on the old Stam at all.
  9. I love the hobo bag in the mouse colour! Must get my hands on it sometime soon...
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