New Stam Colours on NAP Today :)

  1. The bronze is now on line to buy and the black and also the new east west stams with the two pockets are available to buy too.

    I am loving the bronze colour :heart:

    I must be strong, I must be strong :biggrin:
  2. I love the east-west Stam. Do you think you could fit that over the shoulder? Love the Bronze, as well!
  3. Oh no - what to do... bronze or black... Hmmm... :love::love::love:

  4. I'm dying..... I SO want the E/W Stam but I don't love any of the colors! I'm thinking that Chestnut will have a red/orange tone to it that I won't like. Not sure if I'm loving Cashew and I know that I don't want Mouse. The truth is I want black but I CAN'T do another MJ black quilted bag. Can I?
  5. Hanne, you need another Black to your collection. =)
  6. I haven't seen Chestnut in person yet. If you don't like contrast stitching, definitely pass Cashew. If you love black, you can do another MJ black quilted bag. =) Your black Stam has icey leather?
  7. i also received the NAP email and it describes the color as "mouse"
    plus, it looks grey to me and nothing like the bronze i saw in the MJ boutique in NY...[​IMG]
  8. also, the regular stams have canvas lining and are 1080 euros instead of the old ones which were priced at 1200 euro...
    be ready to grab them!!!
  9. bag.lover - I got one! :biggrin: The Elise I told you about earlier turned out to be a non patent, non quilt leather, so I was so dissapointed and it had to go back. So I really wanted a black Stam. Only thing is I really love the luxury of the suede lining, but I hope I will love it anyway :love:

    I got my antique white Stella today and I am in love - its gorgeous!

  10. Danae, that's Mouse, not Bronze. The Bronze is only in the full-size Stam. =)

    B.L, yeah, my Stam is Icy leather (black) but I also have my new Amanda satchel in black. The new E/W is so similar in size to my Amanda that I'd have to be insane to get both! I reeeeeeally want it though!
  11. Ooh, that E/W Stam is TDF!!!
  12. Hanne,

    I definitely prefer Elise in Patent & Quilted leather over the regular leather -- I would return it too. =) Hope you will like black Stam, I agree with you on suede lining being more luxurious. =)

    White Stella used to be very....very popular, I find it extremely big for me. After seeing your collection (any more besides the Paddy family?), both of these MJ bags are good additions -- styles and colors! YAY! Double congrats!!!! =)

  13. Daisy, your Stam family -- Voilet baby Stam & Black Icy-leather Stam!!! They are too beautiful!!!

    Saw E/W Stam for the 1st time in Cashew -- didn't like it; I'm not fond of obvious contrast stitching! Saw it again in Black -- much better! =)

    I don't remember whether I have seen Amanda Satchel in person. I definitely prefer Stam's style & shape over E/W Stam (the zippers & shorter height give it a very long look -- i.e. Amanda!) Agree with you about these styles having some similarities. Maybe you can think about it for a while. If you still like it later, you can get it.

    I saw many colors lately at local dept stores (Bloomies, NM, Nordstrom): Camel, Bronze, Black, Cashew. I haven't seen Chestnut & Mouse yet. Can't wait to see Amethyst for Soft Calft Leather line.