new stam bag but smaller size at

  1. Hi ladies, saw this look alike or ( exact the same) mj stam bag, but in smaller size at its still in preorder, i think cost 1295 or so. are you guys familiar with this style? seems like this is the first time i see mj stam in smaller version.
    thx for help!!:heart::p
  2. It's the elastic quilted Stam. I think it might be made out of patent leather or similar. I'm not a fan of the elastic quilted bags.
  3. yeah, me too not a fan of this particular style. those bags look very "sci-fi".:shrugs:
  4. I wonder what they look like IRL - from the pictures, they look really hologrammy and shiny.
  5. Is this the one you're talking about? If so, I'm not a fan either. It looks like it has a disease or something. :push:


  6. It is a Stam with pneumonia!
  7. ^^LOL! I was thinking more like leprosy.
  8. ^^ you guys are cracking me up! I have never seen that style before.
  9. ROFL.... leprosy it is! the baby leprosy stam.
  10. gosh~ MJ designing team must be sad if they read this. lol :roflmfao::roflmfao:
  11. ^^Eeek! That would be bad I know!!:biggrin:
  12. I have seen this style IRL. It is kind of weird. Not as bad as the pics, but not something I would buy. I wouldn't mind all of these funky styles if they would just have more soft calf styles and colors every season.
  13. yeah, thats it. i only saw at never see irl. but after everybodys' comments, i probably wont buy it. :tdown:although i have been looking for smaller size stam for a while. the regular stam is little too big for my petit frame.
    thank you ladies for your opinions. :graucho::heart:
  14. this looks like a stam that has an eatting disorder! too skinny in the middle! ;(
  15. It is very nice.