New St Louis Tote - which color?

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St Louis GM Tote Colour?

  1. Yellow

  2. Orange

  3. Light Blue

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. happy to enable, oops...HELP! :graucho:

    i LOVe this bag, truly, top five bag for me....and i have more than i care to admit....i love it for the summer, pool parties, beach, gym, hawaii....i carry ALOT, it's relly held up, going on two year old!!! ;) huge fan of goyard and the st. louis GM! the pm was too small for me!
  2. My vote is for yellow! It's such a happy color :smile:
  3. Love yellow!
  4. i voted yellow. my second choice would be the blue!

    let us know what you decide...
  5. I ended up ordering the yellow! It came down to the yellow and the blue and I love them both but decided to go with the yellow in the end. It's currently being shipped but I'll post some pics when it arrives! Hopefully I'll get the blue one day too ;)
  6. Congrats!! I just ordered a burgundy one!! Can't wait to see pics of yours.
  7. LDDChanel^^
    Congrats on your buy! Looking forward to see some pics :smile:
  8. Can wait to see it!
  9. I just got a Yellow as Yellow is huge this S/S!! I have a St. Jeanne in Orange and that colour is stunning too! Depends on what YOU like best. Are you getting it personalized?
  10. i have the burgundy, but the light blue would be perfect for spring and summer!
  11. i love the burgundy! I have one too! Congrats, you'll love it!
  12. Did you ever post pics? Would like to see. :biggrin:
  13. I ordered for the burgundy but sooo love the yellow too hope to get the yellow too soon 😊
  14. I also ordered the burgundy... Cant wait 'til it arrives... Also love the yellow soooo much, such a vibrant color
  15. Hi Maxter,

    You arer right in the price.
    My recent purchase of a white GM Goyard is €1040 in Paris (exchange rate is €1 = S$1.6024)

    After VAT deduction of 12% , I paid around ~ S$1,400

    I can't wait to see my new fav bag ...... Still awaiting my bro to bring back.