New SS07 pins!!!!

  1. Eh... They're okay... What do you think?

    *The flower looks amazing... but it's SO CHEAP!!! I was shocked at the poor craftsmanship.

    What do you all think? Should I return?
    pins2.JPG pins.JPG
  2. I like the LOUIS part, but the monogram it self, nope :sad:

    I personally wouldn't wear something that size. again, if it was just the Louis, then yes :smile:
  3. I cant tell, I need more pics. The petals do kinda remind me of those hang tags on the fake bags! Is it really poor craftsmanship? Do are rocking it though...
  4. I would return those STAT!
  5. Don't like them. The MC flower from a couple years ago was ok, this is just weird.
  6. I don't really like it... :s
  7. I like the louis part not so much of the petals. It looks like a fake.
  8. I am not crazy about the flower. The petals look like the cheap hang tags that hand on all of the bags on IOffer
  9. not a fan - sorry
  10. nope not a fan, but it did take me forever to read "Louis"... I kept on thinking that it's
  11. aww, no love for lebronX!

    yeah they're aight...not the greatest. return them (break your personal policy) and get something awesome.

  12. I wish I could say keep them but it's not great at all. =(
  13. not a fan, i think you should return,
  14. Agreeing with the others, it just doesnt look like LV quality item
  15. Nay, sorry.