New SS 07 bags!!

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  1. I went to the LV store today......I got my wapity back.......they said it wasnt defective.....I am just glad I got it back.....My mom got a Damier Speedy 30.....:yahoo:

    The SA was very nice...She showed us the cataloge for the SS 07 bags and lines. We put 2 bags on hold, ( :yahoo: ) the Pochette Beverly (looks like the Sophie....REALLY CUTE!), and XXL Beverly (I think).......these bags are coming out on March 1st...They kinda look like the Tulum/Tikal bags with the big brass buckle in the front. The Pochette Beverly was $630.00 (I think) and the XXL Beverly (I know the smaller one was the Pochette Beverly, but the biggest one was callted the XXL something.....I think it was the Beverly though )was $1300.00 I also saw a pic of the MC "Handbag", the Sporty, the new Floral Keepall, Denim Patchwork bags, and the Dentelle (which I now LOVE!!)

    just wanted to update you on these wonderful bags!!
  2. OMG, Couture_girl, did you just say pouchette veverly look like sophie!? Can someone post pix asap!?
  3. I dont have pics, but it was very kinda shaped like the Sophie!! It had a really cute strap that was detachable and you could also use as a clutch.....kind of a mix betweent the Shirley and the Sophie!! It was TDF!
  4. Sounds great^^
    Thanks for sharing.
  5. Yeah, I really want to see The Pochette Beverly . My heart beats faster now =))
  6. Does it have chain strap?
  7. Aw. Congrats girlie!
  8. no, it has a leather strap
  9. that sounds cute
  10. Thanks for the info.
  11. Wow! Does this mean those without the *sophie* might have a second chance?
  12. That sounds awesome.

  13. maybe!! :graucho:
  14. Wow! The bags sound great!
  15. Thanks for the info!