New spy question

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  1. What's up with the new spy at Saks online? The one pictured is blue--I've asked twice and they can't give me a straight answer....when I try putting it in my basket and beginning the order process, it says the black is "in stock", but they wrote back and said they were sold out. Is there only one color "black", which looks blue, or are there two colors?

    Does anyone know?

    I'm so frustrated--maybe I can't communicate properly--but I can't seem to get my point across to either Saks or Neiman's when I try writing via e-mail.:cursing:
  2. That's not to say Neiman's has the blue spy--I don't know--I was just referring to past experiences with them....sorry for the confusion.
    I guess I do have problems with communication!
  3. Yea! me too! I added a blue to my cart and then tried to check out..
    It then said black was in stock! I don't understand.
    Is there a new blue for this season??
  4. I think they have just got their pictures mixed up their is no new blue for 2006 season and 2007 colours are not out yet.
  5. blue spy? :drool::wtf: really? new shade? not the petrol one? INFO plz
  6. Yeah, noticed that yesterday. Odd...
  7. They are just recycling the old image for the petrol to represent the black spy. Saks did this back in F/W 05 too, so it's nothing new on their part.
  8. Ah... well, at least I didn't miss a nice blue leather one. That sure was a gorgeous bag, the petrol :::sigh:::thanks for the info.

    I just got back from out of town and checked the saks website (why, I don't know--I have no money left!)--they have a new blue leather and denim spy that's very nice. No squirrels :smile: