New Spy dilemma! (it just never ends)

  1. OK, never mind the denim Spy. I just saw two more on Neiman Marcus that I'm in love with, so now I have to decide all over again!


    Lambskin Spy White, $2075


    Metallic Spy Silver/Gold, $2410

    which one should i get? i'm leaning more towards the lambskin spy, it looks gorgeous :love:. plus it's definitely a lot more worth it than the denim spy, no?
  2. Yes, get a lambskin spy ... I just think it's more for your money than the denim spy! As for which lambskin spy, I like the metallic silver/gold one ... the coloring is more unique.
  3. hmmm... but i'd prefer one that i can use on a daily basis. wouldn't carrying a metallic spy around seem a little too much?
  4. definitely the metallic spy, its stunning irl.:biggrin:
  5. Metallic may be a bit too much for everyday... but it's SOOOOO pretty!!!!! ;)
  6. white. definitely leather over denim.
  7. does anyone know where I can get the White/Red Spy Gwen Stefani has? or more detailed photos?
    thanks xxx I'm IN LOVE with this spy!! > perfect for summer!
  8. ps. I would go for the Lambskin Spy White, $2075, If I were you, I think you'd get more wear out of it, and you can still use it in 5 years time, white is classic, never goes out of style.
  9. I have the black spy and really love it......metallic isnt going to get as much use as the white.....
  10. White, you'll get more use out of it. Although it's still a high maintenance color
  11. Definitely white lambskin!
    The metallic is very pretty, but white will last longer, i think?
  12. ok i think i'll go for the lambskin one, since it's cheaper anyway and i think i'll definitely use it more than the metallic one
  13. Yes, take the white one! I have it too and I love wearing it!
  14. is it hard to take care of, since it's white and lambskin?
  15. hello jill, I've read that people find the black spy somewhat flat? what do you think of it, is it 'plain'? I'm debating between the black or the dark brown? or what about the crocodile one... :amazed: decisions, decisions.