New Spy Bags at!

  1. I think the orange one is OK, do not like the other one much, although it does look a mustard colour rather then a brown.........mustard would be lovely as a spy
  2. The beaded one has a sort of Arizona/Navajo style look...:upsidedown:
  3. Yes, I like it though its not really my style. Cute though for a 2k bag!
  4. Love The Orange One!!!
  5. I love the orange one! I think I may get it!
  6. Need to see IRL. I am looking at the picture from two monitors and the color is so different.
  7. OH lovely.
  8. I like the beaded one better but I wish it was a different color of leather!
  9. I am absolutely in love with the Pomegranate! I've been crazy about it since I heard there was an orange spy! I love it! Orange! What a great color for a Spy!
  10. I am absolutely in love with the Pomegranate!! I love it! Orange!!! What a great color for a Spy!
  11. The pomegranate one is ok, but not as cute as the tribal spy.
  12. The beading looks interesting, but I really cannot get over that color of leather... it's neither mustard or tan/brown whatever... the color of the leather leaves much for me to desire... Oh well... It does make me wonder if they are getting some other beaded ones though! :graucho:
  13. The pomegranate looks amazing - must go see it IRL!

    robinlovespurse, if you decide to get it, you HAVE to post pics immediately!
  14. love the pommegranate, it's perfect for spring and such a happy colour.