new Spy bag for fall 2006 - pic

  1. I'd like to see this one IRL.

    dark brown pleated lambskin Spy - $3,300​
  2. WOW....I would buy this in a heart beat if I lived in a normal 4 season climate. GORGEOUS
  3. [​IMG]
    black vintage-finished calfskin Spy - $2,100
    also comes in dark brown, cognac & gray
    I'd like to see it in gray.​
  4. Why are the prices going up so high!!??? :shocked:

    $3,300? :blink:

    And I thought my silver/gold spy was overpriced at $2,400. Geez
  5. ^^ I know right! For that price, I would def. get the Wisteria Spy
  6. I hope they come up with some fun colors too. I'd like to see the gray, but I prefer something less neutral.
  7. I hope they make blue, green, red again. Those are a lot more interesting colors. Lambskin on spys sound luxurious, but I don't think delicate lambskin make very durable large bags. For smaller ladies' purses like Chanel 2.55, maybe, but for the spy? Hmm...
  8. Wow, those are gorgeous! $3300.00 - there goes my bonus!
  9. :yes: dark brown pleated lambskin Spy = WOW!!! me like! me loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee me neeeeeeeeed!:love:
  10. Oooooooooooh! The leather looks so luscious!
  11. the brown pleated one looks interesting. would love to see the IRL.
  12. lovely! :heart:3333 spy bags are getting more and more expensive.
  13. So Honey is discontinued for Fall?
  14. I think it is a seasonal color and is unlikely to be repeated for Fall.
  15. I hope there is something in the $2000 range.