New Sprouse Leopard Scarf


Do you like the new leopard scarf?

  1. i love it!

  2. it's ok, nothing special.

  3. no thanks!

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  1. i've been waiting for this scarf for quite a while. now, i missed out on the ones last year (red,black and grey) so i thought i'd get this one. not so sure about the color, though.
    what do you guys think?
    yay or nay?
  2. I like it! :tup:
  3. I like it, but if it isnt you then spend elsewhere.
  4. I love it... but I love leopard! I really want the red one from two years ago.
  5. If you love leopard, go for it!! I can only do leopard in small doses, like shoes. I can't work it!!!!!
  6. It's cute, but it doesn't seem like something from LV......more like a Betsy Johnson design !!
  7. I like it, but i'd rather spend the money on one of the new cashmere/silk shawls. There is a chocolate one I love... That might be coming home with me after my next visit to the boutique. And the Carré Colourfull Travel in black.:drool:
  8. I love it!!!
  9. i missed out on the last sprouse scarves, they really went under my radar so i am getting this one.
  10. love it.
  11. I think it is cute! Hot stuff, grrrr!
  12. I Love it!
  13. I love leopard! I think this scarf is a great accessory, you could dress it up or wear it casual!
  14. I actually really like that scarf! it's cute! but it does remind me more of Betsey Johnson then LV :yes:
  15. I love it! The only thing that bugs me that the letters are pink. I don't think that matches the leopard print...