New Sprouse Leopard Scarf in Lt Brown?

  1. Got a voicemail from my SA re: a new Sprouse leopard scarf. Anyone know anything about it?
  2. is it not the one I posted in the summary brown with louis vuitton written in pink
  3. That thread is like a million miles long -- I can't find the pic! I'm so useless. And is it me or is leopard so over already because everyone and their Kmart cousin has it for fall?
  4. it is a rather huge thread here we go
    leopard scarf.jpg
  5. Thank you! If it's this one, then I am definitely saving money because it does absolutely nothing for me.
  6. I just got this and LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Here is a picture:

    I wear ALOT of black in the winter, so I am excited!
  7. Does anyone have this scarf?? Feedback, please. I just ordered it, but never seen one in person.... Does it worth $590??
  8. Wow, so hot! Congrats!
  9. I love the scarf! But I checked eLUXURY and don't see it there :sad:

    Is it sold out already ??
  10. Call 1866number, there are still few available.
  11. They are out of stock on elux. I called 1866VUITTON and they have 40 of them left, BUT they won't ship to my APO address. They won't allow me to place an "over phone" order since I'm stationed overseas (even though I provide a Stateside address). And they put me on the waiting list here in Germany since there is only few avaliable. They will or won't call me in two weeks. GRRRRRR.....:cursing:

    Any solutions you may suggest?
  12. Ask if they can do a charge-send (you pay for it and have it shipped to the Germany store).
  13. I asked that too, but since it's limited piece they don't want to send it back to Europe. (even if I pay first) !

    Frustrating! :cursing: