New Sprouse Jewelry Prices

  1. Hey all..

    I just called 866 and got the prices for those new Stephen Sprouse jewelry items.
    These are all one-shot items for pre-fall.

    Necklace: $335
    Bracelet: $270 (one with a heart and one with a flower)
    Hairtie: $240

    Maxine at 866 informed me that the bracelet seems to be harder to get, as there are only 5 in the US right now.

    I *may* try to snag the necklace!
  2. any pics?

  3. Which one are these jewelry?:confused1:
  4. I cant wait to see photos of these...
  5. I want to see pics!:smile:
  6. Yes, what do they look like?
  7. i didnt even know the was any new sprouse jewellery.
  8. Necklace also comes with interchangeable heart and flower :smile:. not sure why eBay one doesn't show the flower.
  9. ^^^ really? The rep made it sound like it was 2 different kinds of bracelets...and that the necklace only had the heart! Huh....I may have to call on that!
  10. Thanks for this post. I just called 866 and, amazingly, got Maxine. There are two bracelets. Am now on hold for my SA to get a necklace.
  11. I just bought the necklace in Las Vegas yesterday...will post pics in a minute. Saw the bracelet too but IMO not as nice as the necklace.
  12. Kewl new piece!
  13. Ok here are some crappy pics, I will try to take some better shots with my other camera when I return home from Vegas :yes:

    I hope I did this properly & the links work!


  14. So the person on eBay sold only the heart for $315. They made off good. I originally thought the buyer got it for a deal - guess not.