New Spring Zucca Hobo Is In!

  1. [​IMG]got this pic at THINK?
    Should I buy one or not???
  2. Ohhhh...I like it, getitgetitgetitgetit!!!!
  3. Well, I'm personally not such a fan of Zucca or the its a nay for me!
  4. Its a lovely bag but would wait until all the new Fendi are out. They will be coming in the next few weeks
  5. I really like that style. Very cute :yes:
  6. It's like a zucca B schlepper bag, innit? I like it! Looks like a nice bag for hangin' out on the weekend.
  7. I LOVE the B bag buckle! Do you know the price?
  8. I'm not a fan of this bag so I'll have to say nay.
  9. A BIG YAY from me, Jill. I really like this design.
  10. I like it!
  11. I like the Blueberry one in this style better, although this one is nice
  12. I love it !
  13. Dont' like it. If you carry it on your shoulder, your arm will covered it. And the buckle will be too heavy for a fabric bag like that.
  14. i like the buckle but the shape not so much...
  15. Nay :sad: