New Spring/Summer Wallet Question

  1. Hey guys,

    I have been looking for a new wallet and I was looking at the new Spring/Summer line of on and was wondering if anyone has bought the Pearl Patent GG Leather wallet yet? I absolutely love this wallet, it reminds me of the LV Vernis line, but not as expensive :sad:

    So has anyone purchased it yet? what are your thoughts of this wallet?

    thanks :smile:
  2. Hmmm, i didn't realize that gucci made that wallet in patent leather. It kinna gives it a new twist to a tradional wallet. I like!!! I don't have it though, let us know if you buy it
  3. it's look soooo
    look soo fabolous..
  4. I can't decide over the Continental size or the Flap French wallet. I carry alot of cards, and the Continental only has 7 cc slots, but the flap french can carry 10. I have always owned a larger wallet.....hmmm..I can't decide, plus I have to see if my Gucci store can special order it since we only got in 2 of each and it was sold out :sad:
  5. I personally like the continental size much more.
  6. It's cute, very elegant. But I'm not too sure about the white patent leather. I have a white vernis LV wallet and it catches stains, so I have to be very careful with it.

    I'd opt for the one with more card slots, unless you want to double up cards in each slot (which I personally find it hard to find things when you need them).
  7. yeaah that true...white is for me no no no..
  8. oohhh never seen this before!! - very elegant.
    Sre you going to buy it? Would you use for everyday???
  9. So I called my store, and they said they had some in the US and that they can special order it for me!!! all I have to do is figure out which size I want :sad:

    I asked my sales associate about the care for the wallet, and he said that if there is any werid color turning then they would take care of it. So I'm thinking that when I get this wallet, I'm going to keep it in a little pouch so it doesn't get stained or anything....
  10. Nice wallet! I personally like the french flap one. But the price is right for either one you choose!