New Spring Style - Dale Python

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  1. I saw this bag in my February issue of Vogue. I just love it. It's available for pre-order at Singer with delivery date of April 22. They had a different picture in the magazine that showed a detachable strap on the side - at least it looked like it had one. These don't show one. It has a nice soft slouchy look to it (as opposed to the stiffer appearance, feel of the python Gracie and Kerri bags). I think I just may have to try one of these ... but look at that retail price, gulp, $895!

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  2. There is no way I am paying 895 for a Kooba when I can get Pradas for the same price on ebay. Koobas quality does not refelct that it should raise it's prices. They should be giving people discount coupons.
  3. you're so right Lexie. A lot of the designers in that price point better think twice about making their prices so high...doesn't compare.
  4. Gulp. Big Gulp. That price tag is sticking in my throat right now. Hmmmmmmmm......
  5. Wow - I really like that bag!! I don't like the current new line of koobas (rio, ryder, etc.) so much. But that Dale sure is pretty! Gives me hope that maybe they'll have some spring bags that I actually like...

    No way I could fork out $895, but that's another topic of conversation ;) Seriously, how can they get away with that sticker price? I hope the quality of the bags is back to what it used to be in the good ole days for that price. Sheesh!
  6. Me too, I will buy one if I can get it for less - a lot less. So, may have to wait until the Fall 2009 bags come out so someone puts it on sale. I could kick myself for not buying the gorgeous large Gucci Top Handle Hysteria I saw in the new Gucci outlet store in the Prime Outlets at St. Augustine. It was the most beautiful python bag I had ever seen - a mulberry, black, cream scale combination. Had top handles and a detachable strap. Smushy soft, glistening scales - felt just like real snakeskin with a little raising of the scales like you'd see on a real skin. But, it was $1679, reduced from $4500. Just couldn't bring myself to spend that much money with the economy being what it is now. Took a deep breath, turned around and walked out the door without buying anything. I had already been to Saks Off Fifth and found a black Jimmy Choo Ramona in perfect condition for $600. That I couldn't resist.
  7. Wow Nunnla, you always manage to find such great deals. You're a great bargain finder.

    I would never pay $895 for a Kooba. The quality has gone downhill.
  8. I have to agree about quality. i saw a few on monday and they were not soft like the carly i touched in 3/08. i do not think i will be looking into these bags anymore until i hear about quality going back up..
  9. kooba looks very different now. Not the same.
  10. the purse is simply gorgeous! but i don't know if i'd be paying nearly $900 for a Kooba when i can get a sick mini paddington chloe for $800! not that i would pay that much for a mini chloe but still... look at your competition Kooba!
  11. I know ... hard to justify that much money when you can find a beautiful high end Prada, Jimmy Choo, Gucci, Chloe or other bag of superior quality for the same price. If I do manage to snag one of these for less, I will post pictures and do a quality review for everyone. I'm just hoping it's not going to be like the embossed snakeskin on the Gracie and Kerri bags. The black and taupe Ryan and Natasha snakeskin finish was better.
  12. Let's hope this one goes on sale.
  13. I agree. It is really cute, but I won't pay anywhere close to full price for bags from them at this point.
  14. Wow! Great deals! I went to college in St. Augustine years ago and didn't know they had put in an Off Fifth or a Gucci store! Nice additions to the outlets though.
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    i ripped out that picture from Vogue and have been searching for it but couldnt find anywhere. Looks like its for sale on kooba's website now though. i love that bag!