New Spring Prada!!pics-nylon Gauffre!!

I would keep the white (although it will prob get filthy and be hard to clean) and the orange which is so cute....although the pink is great too...hmm cant you keep one for each purse?
Im an Enabler- I know!
BTW i saw the bag in Santa Barbara in a darker green- almost olive and it was GORGEOUS and i dont even like green that much but it was classy and worked and would look great with many outfits. i was wearing Jeans and converse and a cashmere sweater and it looked great...yet it would also look nice Dressed up. plack pants, crisp white shirt... ballet flats or cute! ahh i digress. Maybe try the darker one Jill. i am a bit bitter with Prada for making nylon so expensive though.... for leather sure but nylon... dunno. that said i want it but out of principal might have to pass. but i can live vicariously through all of your gorgeous stuff :cutesy:
im dying over these beautiful things.....I love the pink and blue pouches....I have been waiting for these lovlies since i saw those ads months it! congrats on your new bag and shoes!
I've bought one in green medium size. I think it is a fun bag and it is suppose to be bright and loud, crashing color or add dash of color to neutral outfit. I was sadden when someone said it is ugly. but was finding comfort when i saw my green bag, it is so bright n lovely. Recently i bought lot of green accessory to match it. like shoes and t-shirt....