New Spring Prada!!pics-nylon Gauffre!!

Do these pouches come in any other colors? Purple?
If I remember correctly, I saw a yellow nylon Gauffre in the mags. Don't take my word though, I can't seem to remember things lately.

Sorry for having so many questions too, I'm excited about these!!! =)
^There are 3 sizes..Mine is the biggest.I beleive.I have been driving my Sa crazy for this bag for weeks!!LOL!The green was the only color in so far and Only NEW YORK has them.As far as I know.Call my SA and ask.They may have more in
i'm not interested in the nylon gauffre accessories...i'm more of a classic nylon lover myself...but i'm def going to get some things in yellow & greeen!!!!!

do you know if they're doing anything in yellow leather?? i might get a wallet in yellow leather & a makeup bag in green nylon... :drool: