New Spring Prada!!pics-nylon Gauffre!!

Beach Bum

Feb 17, 2006
Prada sent me 4 cosmetic pouches..LOVE THEM ALL!!Green bag..Unsure of color..a tad BRIGHT...WHATCHA THINK???

This concludes this weeks surprise Prada delivery at Jills House...LOL!
Jill I love the cosmetic pouches!!!! They are really cute and fun. The bag is too bright for me- would be hard to wear a ton IMO :shrugs:
Jill... would you mind showing the larger version of the pics? It is not working for me (if it was intended to!)

If it is ok with you, I'd like to post this on the blog for all to see the new prada!!
^ Jill, I love the cosmetic pouches!!!!!! They are adorable, love the colors!! Are they the standard size pouches? I want 1 too, I was going to ask you which color I should get.

From the pictures, I like Pink & White the most. Would White be too high maintenance for cosmetic pouch though?
^ Like Megs, I can't enlarge the pictures. I am always able to with your pictures, ahhhhhhh, I want to see them upclose.

Blue looks nice too, but my favorite are pink and white now.
Agree with you, green is bright.
^ I have been wanting to get a cosmetic pouch from Prada, this couldn't come at a better time. This can go in my small-mid sized bags right? =)

Jill, you are a big enabler; I am obsessed with Prada/Chanel now because of you. =)