1. [​IMG]1750 on some strange reason..Im drawn to think?
  2. this is kinda fun too!
  3. Jill, you could definitely ROCK that bag. I like the white one better. Once you get one of them, be sure to post pics of you modeling it!! :graucho:
  4. I like the white one too.Im gonna call Prada and see what colors they are getting in.I always buy funky Prada print bags every year..LOL...
  5. :yucky: And those PRICES??!!!! For CANVAS??!!!:yucky:

    Miu has lost her miund......
  6. It's definitely a fun bag. Would look cute with jeans, shorts, sandals.
  7. It's a little too "busy" for my taste, but I'm sure it's well-made like all their bags.
  8. Its expensive. But I would like to bring it along for picnics! Looks fun! Likely to become a rare piece that few would own!
  9. It looks really fun...I love that mood. :graucho:
    Many thanks Jill :smile:
  10. i love them both
  11. I prefer the 2nd one.
  12. fun and quirky!!!!
  13. I like them both - but the white one is a little bigger! Post pics if you get them from Prada.
  14. ^Sonia says she'll call when they come in..they ARE getting the white one in the Prada store.
  15. Love the white one.... esp for spring summer