new spring parker bags

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  1. I love that Parker satchel...I wonder how big it is IRL?
  2. love the green
  3. I love the shoulder bag but curious to know what colors she will come in. Thanks for posting that!
  4. i like the parker satchel too ! i hope it wun be too big !
  5. I have a question: Are the turnlocks on the side pockets functional or are they decorative?
  6. I couldn't help but to read some of the comments left on that site about Coach bags. I really loved the one that, more or less, said you are not 'hip' if you carry a Coach. I would rather be not 'hip' and a nice person that carries a Coach bag than rude and look down on others because of the bag they carry. Just my two cents.
  7. ^^ LOL, the comments caught my eye too! I just sent them to DH, lol!

    There will always be those kind of comments, so you just have to consider the source and move on. TBH, I don't care what people think of me in general. I live in a somewhat snobby/sometimes rude area here in NJ, and I never fit in...nor do I care that I don't. If people want to judge me based on what bags I carry, etc, then they can have all the fun they want! I personally have more important things to think about and worry about.

    Just buy what YOU like and be confident and happy! "Hip" is highly subjective, and quite frankly, I personally think I'm "hip" for an old fart... and for sure happy! :P

    I'm really liking that green Parker satchel...must be their reinvention of the resort shoulder tote! I only hope it's as big as the shoulder tote. If so, I might be in! I also saw a gorgeous violet color on another site.
  8. Oh T-girl...the side turnlocks are for show and are nonfunctional, unless they changed it for this bag.
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    Thank you Baglady39! :heart:

    I suspected that by the way they were hanging off the side pockets.

    I love turnlocks because they turn. That's the main reason I got into Coach in the first place and fell in love with the Legacy Shoulder Flap--it has such a huge gorgeous turnlock on the front!

    I just love the way the turnlever lifts, has that nice brassy scrape, and then locks into place with a nice deep thump! I tend to play with the turnlock when I am commuting to work as I do with the magnets on my TNA parka.

    I did see a clutch with a huge turnlock at the boutique and tried to turn it and thought the thing was busted until I noticed that there was nothing clamping one side onto the other.

    I'd probably skip the Parker because I am sad about the way the turnlock 'parks'. If I had one, I'd probably be tempted to turn it and experience frustration! :cursing: I love biggie turnlocks and they tempt me to give them a twist. :nuts:
  10. I love the green, and the metallics are so pretty! I am dying to see these IRL.
  11. T-Girl, that's the first thing I did when I got my parker hobo, I tried to turn the turnlock and it didn't move. Only for show, and I got a bit disappointed it didn't move. I tend to fiddle with them and turn them when I am bored. HA HA. Photos:
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    ^eleda^ Yeah, I tend to play with my Coach stuff. I have a Bridgit gold beaded necklace and I tend to spin the beads and fiddle with them.

    A turnlock that doesn't turn would get me cussing. This reminds me of another occasion that this happened:

    Have any of you seen the GIANT silver nickel turnlock at the boutique on display?

    I was so tempted to twist that thing, but the turnlock was just a display and didn't have the twisty mechanism. If they were going to try to tempt me to go into the boutique with that giant beautiful turnlock, the least they could do was to make it functional for us to play with. I have also seen fingerprints from other customers who tried to spin the turnlock lever with no success.

    So, for me, I prefer a bag with a twisty turnlock, pleez! :jrs:
  13. I like that shoulder bag in last frame of that link that is goldish color. Anyone know style# by chance on that one?