New Spring items

  1. I went with DD today to my local coach store to see the new spring items in person. I ahve to say, I did not love the Carly bags in the catalog but in person they are so so so so so nice!

    DD who is 8 also feel in love with the small Carly and is trying to convince me that I should get the large one and she shold get the small one. I told her not just yet but maybe in a few years we can ahve matching bags. I am sure by then she won't want the same bag as me but a girl can try right?

  2. nicee hmm im getting a carly pouch this weekend did u purchase anything.
  3. Awww! Thats cute!
  4. I only got the flower charm. I jsut got the legacy satchel 4 days ago for Christmas and knew DH would pitch a fit if I brougt home another bag so soon.

    We are going to go to the outlets this weekend so maybe something will be on sale for new years and I can find a wallet I like (i really want a new wallet).

    The carly bag (in parchment) will have to wait until Feb or even march (:yucky: ). but who knows. maybe it will eventually go on sale at macy's or something and I can get it there and get something else!