New spring epi color?

  1. Sorry if this was discussed on another thread, but I did a search and couldn't find anything. I was told by the LV SA that the new epi color is launching on March 1, and the color was "Ivory." Does anyone know what this color looks like? :shrugs: Is there a picture anywhere? It's not on either... Thanks!!
  2. It's very close to the suhali 'white', but in epi.
  3. Does anyone know what styles they will have the epi Ivory in?
  4. Speedy, Noe?
  5. Alma.
  6. How Much Is The Speedy And The Lama Going To Be. Ohhhhhhh I Want.
  7. Sounds pretty...:smile:
  8. I'm guessing all the styles that are available in epi right now will be available in the Ivory. And ya from what I've seen, it's about the color of the Suhali white.