New Spring Dresses

  1. I love this Blumarine dress.
    Why does it have to be 13 hundred doll hairs?

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    any spring frocks out there you are coveting as well?
    post photos please.
  2. Man, a woman after my own heart. You know I love dresses as much as I love handbags. Alright, lemme go find pictures right now.
  3. I *have* to have this J.Crew dress. Hopefully it actually looks good on.


    From Neiman Marcus:

  4. ooh I really like the one on the bottom with the black sash. did you order the j crew?
  5. have the best taste in dresses!! I :love: the one you posted from J-Crew!
  6. Bagsnshoos, I'm going to go to try it on at my J.Crew this weekend... hopefully it's there. I find that J.Crew boutiques don't ever have anything except some t-shirts. It's so annoying!

    Thanks, LauraLee!
  7. 0o0o0o even though im not a fan of white dresses - i quite like the first white dress - it looks like summer!
  8. this is what is on my wishlist this spring:
  9. my spring dress wishlist includes these :shame::


    and these marc ones just looks soooo comfy (i'm dying to get to a store and try it on).....might hafta get the second one....

  10. I'm still in love with this J.Crew dress:

    ooooh this dress at Nordstrom's is really cute too!
  11. here's mine. bought it last week :amuse:
  12. You guys are making me want to get a bunch of summer dresses.
  13. everyone has such good taste here. Monablu, that dress would look fab on you!

  14. I love this dress!!!
  15. I heart this dress, but feel really self-conscious about strapless things:


    I love anything with a built in pocket.

    And, I love this dress, but I am too short to wear it: