New Spring CHANEL

  1. CHANEL at Nordstrom Mall of America received several new Spring handbags today!

    The collections include: Cotton Club, Country Club, Soft and Chain, Retro 50's, Baby Animals.

    AWESOME selection!
    Baby Animals.JPG Country Club.JPG Soft and Chain2.JPG Soft and Chain.JPG
  2. Wow!! Thanks so much for posting the pics, they looks great!
  3. Stop tormenting us. JK

    They're so beautiful. Thanks for posting.
  4. Love the baby animals bag- sooo cute! Thanks for posting!
  5. Thanks for posting! *drool*
  6. i actually like this white country club... how much is this one?
  7. Thanks for the pics. I have loved the Country Club tote, but knew the green even though pretty would not justify the cost. But now the black & white---
    something to consider.
  8. chanelboy, thanks for posting! nice! any new jewelry?

  9. The size in the picture is $1695. There is also a larger version, too. It retails for $1995, I believe. Both sizes are also available in what I like to call "Gumby Green." hahaha
  10. The only new jewelry item was a pair of earrings that have a lock and key on them that dangle. They are silver with pink CHANEL logo. They retail for $380.
  11. Chanelboy, you are awesome! Please post more in your store when they arrive. You are a great source!
  12. Cool! Thanks for posting!
  13. Thanks for the pics!! The white country club's shape reminds me of LV's petit bucket dont you think? I love the chain detail on the soft&chain bags.
  14. I love the chain detail, too.
  15. Thanks for posting! Love the chain but the leather on the bag seems abit too slouchy...