New Spring Chanel Shoes to Tempt You!

  1. Here are some new Chanels that just came in.

    1. White Patent Peep Toe with Wooden Heel and Black Trim $825.00 (1840)

    2. Black Stiletto with Patent Straps and Gold Detailing $775.00 (1841, 1842)

    3. Black Leather Slides with Silver CC $550.00 (1843, 1846)

    4. Beige Patent Leather Slide with Gold CC Detailing $575.00 (1844, 1845)

    5. Black/White Rubber Boot with CC Toe $275.00 (1847)

    They are regular priced, new arrivals. Call Lisa Hamlin at 248-635-8442!!

  2. I love those black sandals. I think Jill got a pair. They are so cute!:love:
  3. I like the flats they got going on.
  4. Really love the beige flats with CC toe!!!

    Where's the "Black/White Rubber Boot with CC Toe $275.00 (1847)"?
  5. ^ i can't believe i forgot to post it, thanks!!
  6. Those are fabulous!!!! Happy birthday by the way!!!
  7. ^ thanks, Jill.
  8. Happy Birthday Savannah!!!
  9. i want those beige sandals now....
  10. Love the rainboots!
  11. i need the beige flat sandals with the cc in gold tone...i have to have em:love:
  12. I think i have found my summer sandles. I want those black leather slides with the silver CCs.
  13. Thank you! Love seeing these pics!
  14. Thanks for posting, I love the rain boots!
  15. love the shoes!!!! love it!!! want it!!!