New Spring Chanel Jewelry *PICS*

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  1. Here are some pictures of Chanel Jewelry.

    1. Pearl Necklace $535.00, Camilia Necklace $375.00, Earrings $420.00 (1760, 1761)

    2. Pearl with Heart $395.00 Pearl with Heart Earrings $365.00 (1769)

    3. Peace and Love Collection (Call Lisa for specific prices) (1773)

    Call Lisa Hamlin if you are interested!!! 248-635-8442.


  2. Thanks for the info!
  3. Thanks! :flowers:
  4. thanx Savannah for more great info! ~ some lovely pieces ~ just wish they would do more in silver :yes:
  5. I like the peace and love belt, but I know it would have to be a necklace on me.
  6. thanks for posting:smile:
  7. Thanks! Time to show this post to BF. V-day is coming. :rolleyes:
  8. omg... that pearl necklace is fab!!

    thanks for sharing!
  9. I'm thinking of getting that big peal drop. Has anyone seen it IRL?
  10. ^^ Yeah, I'm lovin' that big pearl drop too. I wonder if the pearl is huge. Thanks Savannah for all your wonderful pix and info!
  11. saw the big pearl drop in Manchester and yes the pearl is huge. I wasn't keen on the fact it had the "cc" logo so large in crystals on it. Didn't seem very classic or "Chanel-esque" to me.
  12. Thanks for posting! The new jewelry doesn't get as much attention as the bags...but they are gorgeous!
  13. Thanks for posting Savannah! You take the best pictures for us!

    I love the Camellia necklace. - M
  14. Thanks for posting!
  15. thanks for sharing. I saw these pieces irl the other day and they are gorgeous!