New spring bags?

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  1. Has anyone heard when the new line of handbags will be out? Time for some new bags on the LP site.
  2. ^^No idea but I agree!
  3. I got to see new LP bags today!!! They did a repair on my Piper Weekender, so I swung by their office/showroom at lunchtime to pick it up, and saw a ton of completely gorgeous new bags. Variations on the Alyssa with a braided handle in a new shade of violet. Dylan type leather in a bowler style bag (think Prada or YSL Muse - not round with a patch pocket). A two tone patchwork bag in mahogany and black. Also, the new tote that was part of the red sale. Lots more...and way more gorgeous than I could ever describe. :faint:

    Bottom line, don't spend all your money on sales right some for the new LP bags!!
  4. I can't wait!!! Did they give any indication as to when they would be available?
  5. ^^No, but I didn't ask that. I did ask about the next in-store sample sale and they said possibly February or March.
  6. ^^^ Thank you !

    I am sure Dani is sick of me asking her when.... i cant wait to see these new bags.
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    Like the above post I also found some new Spring bags at xx They have the Dylan Large Bowler in persimmon and also the Dylan Tote in cognac and persimmon they are beautiful. I also reveived an email from them saying there is more Spring coming in the next few days. Now I have to decide which one I want?:tup::yahoo:
  8. Does anyone know if LP will make quilted bags for spring?
    I'm dying to get my hands on one!!! =D
  9. I didn't see any quilted bags today. But everything was lovely. More refined than in the past...very pretty. Not as many raw edges but still edgy...just more "class." Love it.
  10. The dylan tote seems to be different from the zip tote. Are they still making the zip tote?

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    The new Spring bags are out on x
    They have the Dylan Collection. To the question above about the quilted bags I do not think they will have them this season. So far this is the only site that has them, keep me posted if anyone finds anymore. :yahoo::tup:
  12. No I think the Spring Dylan tote is the new style
  13. I just had a thought....I wonder if the bags I saw were actually the Fall line. :thinking:
  14. what were the colors you saw?