New Spring bags at LB

  1. Sorry if someone has already posted about this.

    It looks like Luna Boston has added a few more Spring bags since the last time I checked. They've added the following:

    Plan B hobo - Onyx w/ Pewter trim(they already had the Ocean w/ Cobalt patent up)
    Matinee - Violet, Gold, & Ruby
    Lex clutch - they now have the Gold & Ruby

    They also have 2 Rose crossbody clutches, but I can't remember if they were both already there or not.
  2. Thanks for posting!
  3. OH MY! (Fans self)

  4. ^ OOooo! :drool: Pretty rich colors! :girlsigh:
  5. o my goodness. i want the violet matinee!
  6. Excellent sleuthing! Thank you for the info.

    I'm really curious about the "ruby" and hope it lands in a MAB bag, not just a MAM. I have the tomato, but am not sold on it as a color for me (I think the color itself is fab, but not sure it's right for me for a variety of reasons -- I love reds, but have never had an orangey-red bag, always blue-reds). I'm contemplating the wine, but now that there's a ruby in the mix, I may wait. I wonder what "ruby" means color-wise -- rich, deep, or a summery bright sun-washed red, or cherry? Not sure but anxious to see it in person.
  7. Opps. Pardon my confusion -- Mockinglee posted the Matinee colors (I think that's them). Thank you for that! The Ruby appears to be a bright pinkish red.
  8. That violet is TDF. If I didn't already have one purple bag I'd be all over that one!
  9. I like the ruby but I'm not sure about the perforated dots...