New "spring" bag - Second Skin in Bronze

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  1. Well, I loved the Second Skin so much in gunmetal that I knew I had to have one in bronze. I never duplicate styles, so this one is pretty special. And I thought she needed her own thread to celebrate :biggrin:
    If any of you are thinking of nebula leather, I can't recommend it highly enough. There's such a beautiful sheen on the colors, and it's light as a feather. Here are some front views and a back view. It's hard to catch the color right? There are just so many variations and any way that you look at the bag, you see something different.


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  2. Here are a few more pics of the inside, close-up of the leather, and sister bags gunmetal and bronze Second Skin.


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  3. Beautiful! Love the shot of the 'twins'. lol. Glad that you love them so much.
  4. Love it Celts!
  5. Oooh, so pretty! I love the bronze. :drool:
  6. YAY!! We are bag twins with the bronze!!!

    I love it!! Love the twins!!

    Congrats Joan!!
  7. gorgeous!! congrats!!!
  8. I'm so glad you posted so many pics, Joan (and a little not, because...) - I didn't think I'd like it nearly as much as I do!! In the stock photos, I didn't think the Bronze Nebula was nearly as nice in this style as in the more satchel-type, gathered and drapey styles (although I do *love* it in the Boogie), and I *really* didn't think I liked the plain brown leather Aberdeen trim against the Nebula.

    Once again, good reveal photos tell a much different story than stock photos. This bag is amazing!!

    I really thought I prefered the "purity", if you will, of an all Nebula bag, but the Aberdeen makes this a bit more "tough" somehow, and it really works! I love it, ... which is going to make it even harder to stick to my self imposed ruling of no more Tanos till Spring 2.

    Love the "sisters" photo. All 'round, great reveal, and great bag! I can totally see why you chose this to be a 2 colour bag!
  9. Joan that is really a hawt lil mama!! The bronze is something you will use year round. Enjoy her, and her twin is beautiful too.
  10. Thanks, you guys!! dede... I find that this bag drapes really well. The stock pictures really don't show that. And the aberdeen is a nice touch on both colors. Everyone else's reveals helped me make up my mind to get the gunmetal one to begin with. Especially the size comparison to the Razor Cut, which Deb sent me. I'm really not a "big" bag person, and this isn't a huge bag like I thought it might be. It's just perfect :P In retrospect, I think I should just order whatever Voodoo orders and be done with it. LOL! Trying to keep with the "one bag in, one bag out" formula. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't... I sold my black In The Know last week. And with the black French Nanny on pre-order, another will have to go. I'm pretty happy with my collection now, and luckily, don't see anything in the new bags coming in that I need to have. Although time will tell eh?

  11. AWESOME bag! I love nebula!
  12. REALLY!? OMG sooooooo gorgeous
  13. Swoon........... :faint:
  14. Ugh this thread contains SO much temptation lol!
  15. ^ ugh i hear that! i've been jonsing for a bag in bronze now since i adore nebula so much. i keep checking the second skin in bronze at MHB in hopes that the price goes down...