New Spring Arrival at Hawaii

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  1. hi linpaddy,

    I think you should follow your heart.... which bag you would prefer... hahaha..
  2. LOL.

    I still have to decide if I want a medium flap or a mini version.
    Unfortunately, DH said that I can only have one. :P
  3. ^^Get the medium flap....I think you will get more use out of it than the mini....why not get a WOC or something later after the flap?
  4. Hi... does the BN1847 come in any other colour at Prada Hawaii? Btw, may I have Joanna's email pls?
  5. Hi... does the BN1847 come in any other colour at Prada Hawaii? What is the name of the colour of this bag in the photo?

    Btw, may I have Joanna's email pls?
  6. Hi all,

    please kindly provide Joanna's email add. also, anyone has any idea whether Joanna will have the Nappa Gaufre Clutch and price?

  7. Thanks for sharing! But I guess I won't be getting anything this season.
  8. I came back to look at bags again and the black and white tie dye tote looks like it was burnt in a fire- ashy looking:lol:
  9. Hi, can I also have joanne's email so that I can be on her mailing list as well. Thks
  10. I am new to this forum....Could someone tell me how to get on their email list and is that the online store?
  11. ^

    don't forget to attention your mails to her on the subject box.
  12. Thanks
  13. dawncq,
    She has BR4281 in nero(black) too. I talked to her yesterday...
  14. Hi , can I get the email contact as well.

  15. WOW!:faint: I need (ok, maybe need isn't the word!) one of those jeweled totes to go with last years jeweled wallet!!!! A girl can dream I guess...
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