New Spring Ad w/ New Bag!

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  1. So cute! Gisele is the new face of LV. This pink perforated monogram is so cute! I've gotta have one! :love:


    Sorry for the poor scanning, I'm sure if you enlarge it you can see the LOUIS VUITTON printed in pink! SO cute!
  2. hey..I can't see the pic!!:worried:
  3. Aww, I can't see the pic either!! I want to SEEEEE!!
  4. Sorry girls!! Does anyone know of an uploading place I can use? Its on imagestation right now..I don't want to always be bugging Vlad.
  5. I love this bag.:biggrin:
    Does anyone know what it is called so I can ring and get a price??
  6. here it is...

    Attached Files:

  7. Me Likeeeeeee! If the new speedies have the large holes I definately want one! Love the hot pink showing thru.
  8. I "think" I like it only b/c of the pink, not my fave color. Does it come in others colors I wonder???
  9. I think that they'll come with orange as well and some other colors. I am going with my son today to LV to buy a vernis agenda in framboise and I'll ask them about it!
  10. i LOVE the pink perforation, i'm defintely getting a speedy in it if i can
  11. i remember in the look book it coming in pink orange and green and there're many cute shapes coming out in this style
  12. It's cute!
  13. jc2239,
    did you notice the pink/green Denim bag ?
  14. OMG!!! I LOVE that bag!!!
  15. Not sure if I'm really in love with it.