New spring 2014 cabas phantom?

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  1. Hello. I've been curious about the new cabas phantom style that debuted in the spring 2014 collection (pic attached).

    I've been hunting for a "simple" leather tote that is strong and practical, but also luxurious. hermes double sens is another candidate i'm considering as well, but i think i might like the style of this a tiny bit more. However, last time I checked out a phantom cabas, I don't think I'd deemed it sturdy enough to carry even an ipad and a couple of books. Two cents anyone?

    And was this style just a one-off for spring, or are there new colors for summer as well? And how does it compare to the original style (with the interior ties)? I'd really appreciate any input! And I apologize in advance if I'm posting in the wrong place. Thank you all :smile:

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  2. Hello, I like this bag as well and almost bought it. I really like the look of it but as with north/south totes, my things just end up in a pile at the bottom of it. Another concern is the eventual sagging of the bottom of the bag. Other than those issues I'm very much a fan.
  3. I've been using this a lot on weekends when I need to carry a lot (iPad, book + all the things I need to carry with my 2 kids). I use it with an insert from Divide and Conquer. No sagging, and the insert keeps everything organised. It's a good strong leather tote. Love it.
  4. thank you for your input! would you know if this version feels stronger than the original style with the interior ties? i last checked out one of these bags about a year ago, before this new style debuted, and again i remember thinking it didn't seem strong enough. does the bottom have any built-in structure or is it just floppy?
  5. There's no built in structure, but the leather sturdy and is sewn to create a base. I don't have the original version so can't really comment. My purse insert is useful in that it spreads the weight out and lends structure. HTH!
  6. how much is it in UK and euro? Where is better to get one?
  7. I think she is really gorgeous .