New Spring '08 bags at

  1. I agree not very inspiring!!
  2. and i am not happy with the shoes either...:yucky::hysteric:
  3. Let's hope the next collection is better, I'm not liking any of these.

    The red gypsy bag looked quite nice on the dior website but not on NM :sad:
  4. I was in Dior the other day at South Coast and was completely taken back in horror by the gypsy bag.

    I think some of the newer pumps are ok, but nothing that exciting.
  5. they are trying to make dior look more "classic" looking

    hopefully they don't sell anything, so galliano can be let loose again
  6. i thought he did great with classic stuff, especially clothes wise last season, A/W 07 ... but i am not happy with the outcome this season at all :sad:
  7. very disapointing- I was a hardcore Dior fan a few years ago- but the bags really just dont impress me that much, which is why I moved onto Chanel. I really had high hopes for this season as I wanted to invest in a Dior bag again, looks like I will be sticking to Dior shoes
  8. I dont like it.
  9. i like the intricate samurai bags. but think they were only runway worthy.

    i cant really see anyone other than gemma ward, christy turlington, claudia schiffer, or natalia vodianova using them and pulling them off..
  10. ooh i could pull it off ...if i had the matching outfit too!!! :nuts:;)
    Diorwinter5.JPG Diorwinter16.JPG Diorwinter3.JPG Diorwinter2.JPG
  11. I am in love with this one... but $8,790?! WTF! The worst thing is, I was momentarily considering it... I just couldn't decide which one of my kidneys would fetch more money (BTW, I think the right one would; I sleep on that side and it's much more cushiony).

  12. ^^ too funny i think the bag is gorgeous as well but the price blehhhhh

  13. do you really need a kidney to function? maybe you could sell both! :roflmfao:i`ve considered it myself already hehe
  14. ladies! just sell a part of your liver (the liver can regenerate well) and one kidney. ;)

    that said i gotta agree with cammy1 there.. i'm a dior girl at heart, will always be, and i'm literally DYING to find a dior bag for me to fall in love with.. but it's just not happening this cruise season or spring. i'm just hoping autumn/winter would have galliano working his magic again, otherwise it's the hermes/chanel bug!