New Spies for Spring '07

  1. Hey Fendi Lovers!

    What do you guys think of these two Fendi Spy(ies)?

    The first one is called:

    Fendi Tribal Spy and it retails for 2190

    The second one is called:

    Fendi Sequined Zucca Spy and I don't have the retail price yet.
    FENDI Tribal Spy.jpg FENDI Sequined Zucca Spy.jpg
  2. I think these are fall '07, right?

    I pre-ordered the first one because I loooove it.:heart:
  3. I'd like to see both of these in person--KMSNYC, please post pics when you get yours!
  4. the tribal spy looks better in da baby spy for some strange reason.
  5. Will do. It's due in sometime next month. If I don't love it, I will be returning it, but I'll take a pic first.
  6. I like the Zucca.
  7. interesting! where did you get these photos from ilovemylilo?
  8. I like the first one - really nice autumnal colours
  9. The first one is nicer than the second but still, it looks like you can only really wear it in the fall.
  10. These bags are for the FALL 2007 Collection not SPRING (I typed in the wrong info. there - my mistake :push:smile:. In any rate, I can't or I should say, I don't have the authority to disclose the information as to where the pics are from. However though, the background is a dead giveaway, yeah? Enjoy ladies!
  11. yes, it's definitely the NM/BG photo look, they aren't on the site though (at least not that I see!)
  12. I like them.
  13. Both spies are gorgeous ... but I prefer the first one! I'd love to see how they both look IRL. Thanks ilovemylilo for posting pics!
  14. Hmm..i dont really like them
  15. I like the first one & am really curious about the second. Can't wait until a PFer sees one IRL & can comment on it...sort of interesting, but hard to tell from the photo. If it's not too sparkly, I think it would be really nice. :p