NEW Spice girls single!!!!! Headlines, 30 sec clip

  1. IMO it sounds good, but i was expecting something with heaps of ommph. I guess I'm comparing to the comeback of Destinys child which as really OTT, and had everyone talking about it. I guess they know that there is a demand this time around and just want want to do it for themselves and the fans, which is nice when you think about it. it much more heartfelt this way

    what do u think? listen to it here
  2. I fell asleep listening. Will they be making a movie too? Because the first one is what midnight movie screenings are made for.
  3. hee hee, its not a catchy one is it :biggrin:

    nice to see they have moved on so much in 10 years ;)
  4. I think it's sweet.

    I wouldn't say it's my favorite, but it's nice.

    (And it's great to hear Geri singing with them again.)
  5. I HATE IT ! Not spice girls at all, sooooooooooooooo cheesy. Horrible
  6. I dont like it, i would have expected them to come out with something a whole lot better.
  7. I heard a clip on the radio yesterday really don't like it it sounds so old and out of date, I'd hoped for better
  8. It's ok...not too crazy about it...
  9. I love Spice Girls. It totally sounds like them but would've preferred a more upbeat single.
  10. Sporty Spice looks the best out of all of them. Not crazy about the song, it's boring!
  11. ?Boring and i'm a huge fan!!!!
  12. I don't like it - I would have thought that they would have done something really catchy for their "comeback" single.
  13. I agree with everyone.. ugh!!!
    I looooved singing along to all their songs.. but this one is something I find hard to sing along to... just so dull!

    I am listening to the full version on youtube with the picture of the group. Baby Spice's dress is a little see through... I can totally see the outline of her body!

    I hope they come out with better songs.. hopefully more upbeat??
  14. It sounds like Spice Girls back in the 90's. I would expect more of something you can dance to.