New Speedy!!!


Which Speedy?

  1. Damier Ebene 30

  2. Mono 35

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  1. hello ladies and gents! it has been a half a year since my last louis purchase, and i have been a very good girl this year :yes: hubby has agreed that i deserve another visit to lv to get myself an early christmas present :yahoo:

    this is where i need your help. i am torn between 2 bags, the damier speedy 30, and the mono 35. i have two speedy 25s (damier and mono) and want to get an azur next spring (post perhaps to follow on the size!!!). i am 5'3'' (162 cm) and athletically built (not skinny, but not really voluptuous). the 25 is a great bag, but i need something bigger for the winter. i prefer my damier, if i had to choose, but i like the idea of a speedy 35. look forward to your opinions!!!! :flowers:
  2. I love the Speedy 35- I just got one in black epi and hopefully will get the mono next! But if you prefer the damier the go for the Damier 30!! Good luck !
  3. i prefer the Damier; it's so much easier to care for. also, have you thought of the Mini Lin Speedy? i have that in Ebene and i love it
  4. hmmm, never thought about mini lin...:hysteric: will have to check that out too!
    i don't really go into LV that much, as i just want to buy everthing there and my self control is not the best :shame:
  5. Damier
  6. I would go for the damier speedy 30!
  7. Damier speedy 30!
  8. Damier!
  9. Damier!
  10. another vote for DAMIER
  11. Damier!
  12. Damier! I just upgraded my Damier Speedy 25 to a 30 and I love it!
  13. ...and another vote for damier speedy.
  14. ... and yet another vote for damier :yahoo:
  15. Another vote for Damier! I loved my 30 so much I bought it in 25 which I use as a going out bag or summer bag - also have the azur 25 for lighter clothes but scotland doesn't have fabby summers so the ebene got a lot of use lol! I like the fact that it goes with anything I seem to wear and isn't immediately obvious as a designer bag which can be good in some work situations.