New Speedy feels funny

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  1. I got my new Speedy last week, ordered it from eLux. I haven't used it yet so today I took it out, packed all goodies inside and when I was attaching my Fortune cles, I noticed the handles and trim look dull. When I looked closer, it seems rough, not real smooth like my other bags. I can't explain it and you can't see it in pics at all, even next to other bag handles but something doesn't seem quite right. Has anyone ever gotten a bag that the vachetta seemed different than others?
  2. Which canvas is it?
  3. Do you have the pics?? may be it's defective..
  4. If you got from elux -- You should have no prob returning, and then re-ordering.
    I have heard of this problem before -- a few years ago when they came out with MC Speedy. I was told it has something to do with the Oxidation of the Vachetta ...

    What do you think?
  5. I saw some vach handles in an LV store the last time I was there and it was a rougher texture than the smooth handles they usually have.

    It seemed like it was untreated? Not sure if that's it...
  6. I did notice when I bought the ellipse PM in September that the vachetta handles seemed sort of scaly compared to my other bags. It did seem drier, and just rougher textured than usual. Maybe the vachetta quality is going down, or they changed their source? :shrugs:
  7. I haven't really noticed this with the vachetta. It is all un-treated leather so maybe it can differ from piece to piece, KWIM? Being scaley would seem like that is an older piece??

    If it bothers you call them and exchange it for another. Hope it works out!
  8. You won't have any problems returning it to them I'm sure!
  9. Mono Speedy?
  10. the rough dry feeling means that the vachetta is very very new and raw. i wouldn't instantly conclude that it is "defective".
  11. I've seen this before. One "type" vachetta looks very smooth and shiny. The other type is more "porus" looking with mini holes in them and it looks dull. Maybe they use different types?
  12. That is exactly it! When compared to my others it just seemed weird. I'll be at LV KOP tomorrow so I'll ask about it before I go returning/reordering. All of my other bags seem smoother and this has a raw porcelain feel. It looks great and I love it but I just wanted opinions. Thanks ladies, I'll report when I return from LV. You all are the best!!! :heart:
  13. One of my bags has the 'porous' vachetta! I think it's perfectly fine!

    What deluxeduck said must be the case!
  14. I do feel better now, thanks. It's the Mono 30 btw.
  15. brodieslvmama,

    yep, all my other mono is pretty smooth, in exception of my speedy mono 25. probably it's the batch of vachetta it came from, but in my experience it doesn't really bother me and i've noticed that it patinas quite faster than the shiny smooth vachetta. HTH. :yes: