New Speedy empriente 25 coming in August !

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  1. I was just told by my SA that the Speedy empriente 25 is being reconstructed and will be out in August . The only tidbit of info he could tell me is that is has a slip pocket on the front and will be in all the empriente colors available. Does anyone else know anymore?! I have one in the celeste color and love it! I had been wondering should I get another and since they have practically disappeared.
  2. Get out!!! That's awesome!!! I just picked up the infini 25 thinking I better find one now before it's too late. Can't wait to find out more info!!
  3. Yay! I love Speedy Empreinte! Hope they offer Noir in the 25!
  4. Will the Noir be offered???
  5. I would think, he said it would be in all the empriente colors. And all he would say is there will be a pocket on the front.
  6. Hopefully someone will get a picture soon or it will be a long wait until August!
  7. Like on the outside?? I won't like that.
  8. Ah, I was wondering if this was going to happen!!! I suspect a price increase will also be coming along too. Oh well, it's good to hear that this bag will still be part of the Speedy line up.
  9. I think I would really like the exterior pocket for easy access for my phone or keys
  10. Thanks for sharing this information-pretty exciting!
  11. Thanks for the intel. Will be interesting to see what spy pics we may get in the near future. Can't wait to see.
  12. I hope this is true! I was hoping to get it at the end if the year, but was afraid they would run out if stock by then.
  13. 25? What about 30?
  14. So, it will have exterior pocket? They should honestly left the bag alone.
  15. I hope this is true!!!