New Speedy B 25, clasp, anyone have same issue?

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  1. All, im new to LV and recently bought a speedy b in damier ebene. Use for twice very carefully and today take it out again for weekend. I look at the pair of clasp and found that they looks different. One a little bit smaller, more yellowish, obvious scratches, the LV font a slight different, and the clasp sound when I open and close. The other one looks more quality and dont hav any sound when I open n close.

    My heart says this is not normal and would like to know what do u think. Anyone have the same problem, pls share. IMG_20160723_011559.JPG
  2. Did u buy ur speedy at a boutique?
  3. Pls share where you purchase it
    Very strange indeed
  4. Hello.
    Mines are Ok.
  5. Bought my one Last week and both clasp are looking The same
  6. Yea, in LV store, I made my exchange from Josephine wallet.
  7. Yes, in LV store, I exchange my jospehine wallet add in $$$ for this speedyB
  8. Can u post a photo hows your clasp looks ?
  9. Can u post your clasp photo?
  10. The clasp are identical on mine and I purchased it in early 2015. I suggest you go back to the store and request an exchange on the strap. I would also check the leather in its entirety.
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  11. IMG_1469256124.326478.jpg

    Here pic of my speedy b 25 de clasps
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  12. I call LV store and sent a photo to the SA, they feedback that I have bring over the straps to store and check.
  13. Yes, from LV store.
  14. Definitely take it to the store, that is a quality control issue for sure!
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  15. One of these does not go to this bag.