New Speedy.. and I've created a monster !

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  1. As some of you may know, I've been searching for a Speedy 25 for some time. I finally managed to snag one this week and it's so gorgeous ! I decided that my mom probably deserves it more than I do, so it's become a super early Mother's Day present. I can't find my camera so here's a picture from the auction !


    And as for my story.. my mother has always been fairly curious about the authenticity of other ladies' Vuittons. She's only interested in LV as well, you could walk past her carrying a diamond encrusted Birkin and she wouldn't bat an eye. Anyways, today as we were doing some groceries, my mom actually asked me to follow someone to see if their bag was real ! How embarassing.. and the bag was not too shabby a fake, but still a fake. It was supposed to be a speedy 30, but the canvas alignment was off, and I know some people like the saggy look of a bag without something in the bottom, but this bag looked like it was imploding in on itself !!

    Anyone else have a similar Vuitton mom story ? :lol:
  2. Ayla,
    That bag looks like its in perfect new condition!!! You are getting it off ebay?? You got a great deal. Does this seller have other bags. Looks like they take care of their items very well
  3. it's a beauty!
  4. Yup, I took it home on Tuesday and it's almost as if I walked into a store and walked out with it ! I did manage to save around 200$ CAD on it, so not too bad at all.

    At the moment, the seller doesn't have any other bags.. but if you're looking for a particular kind of Vuitton in really good condition, just let me know. I do a lot of eBay searching ! :shame:
  5. YAY!!!! You're too sweet! Your mom must be happy!!!

    P.S. I look at eBay every single day but am too green when it comes to LV. Of course if there are green tags and those hanging things of the mono material, I know it's fake but other than that.....gah! I'm looking for a 30 or 35 for me now. My friend liked the one I won with a dark patina so I gave it to her. She's the kind of friend who doesn't have anything bad to say about anyone.
  6. My mom is over the moon !

    And if you ever need help with authenticating, my PM mailbox is always open ! ;) I find that after looking at a bunch of the same bags, you notice things like canvas alignment, the size of the handles (width, length) and other things that are giveaways. Patience as always is needed most of all I suppose !
  7. I agree. I'm getting pretty good at detecting fakes myself. Although I 'm no good at the Vernis bags. They all look the same to me. I'd never buy one of those from ebay. I'd get ripped off in a minute.
  8. you're such a sweet daughter!!

    you'll get your speedy soon!!
  9. That so sweet of you to give your mom the speedy. That's an awesome early Mother's day gift.:love:
  10. Ayla has become my "go-to" gal for all things LV!
  11. Ayla, I just wanted to say it's very sweet of you to get the Speedy for your mom. Hope she enjoys it!
  12. Hi ayla, you are such a thoughtful daughter and I am sure you will have great karma!!!
  13. Ayla, that was very kind of you to give the Speedy to your mom!!! You are a sweetheart!!! It will come back to you ...
  14. What a great story to go with a great bag!!! You are so sweet!
  15. i know those red tiles...that's kaye from livejournal. she has some great bags! i remember someone was looking for a gucci tote and she was just like eh, i don't use mine so i guess i'll sell it....that was really nice

    p.s. that's really nice to give it to your mom!