New speedy 30 with a couple wrinkles???

  1. My new speedy 30 has a couple of wrinkles:yucky: on the canvas because it was shipped to me. Do the wrinkles come out eventually or is it the way the canvas is suppose to look? Newbie to LV:yahoo: ...thanks for your help!!!
  2. Gucci...they'll definetly work themselves out. My Damier is the same way. Try this: grab some of those air bags they use with shipping (or bubble wrap will work) and stuff it full. Do that after every use and they'll be gone :smile:
  3. Just stuff your bag with some shirts for couple of days...congrats!!!
  4. I think Irene metioned she places her bag in front of a window to let the heat "iron out" the wrinkles. Sounds like a good idea to me! I never thought of it!

    The wrinkles will go away on their own with use!
  5. Yes, the wrinkles will disappear.
  6. I go my speedy 30 a couple of weeks ago and it had alot of wrinkles. I stuffed my baby with some t-shirt and placed one of my kids books in the bottom of the bag for a couple of days. The wrinkles fall out after a couple of days. krisco
  7. Yea, they do go away after a few days. Congratulations!!
  8. Carrying it more often helps too ! :graucho:
  9. my speedy bags also comes with the wrinkles as they are folded.
  10. Same problem here! My speedy was delivered via elux and there were wrinkles. I stuffed it with the packing for few days, but still haven't seen wrinkles go away yet.
  11. Just use it and it will go away with time.
  12. They go away...I bought mine on Wednesday and i've carried it ever since and the wrinkles are almost all gone!
  13. Yup your speedy will get its "botox" in a few days of being stuffed :smile: :smile: