New Sonia Kashuk Hairbrush?

  1. Anyone try the new Sonia Kashuk Hairbrush yet? It's supposedly similar to the Mason Pearson brush, but for a fraction of the price.
  2. I've used a few Sonia Kashuk makeup brushes and the quality is shockingly good for the price! I think I'm going to check this out! Thanks!! :tup:
  3. I saw this in Allure magazine, but I can't find it at my local Target. I really want to try it because I'm just not willing to spend the kind of money it would take to buy a Mason Pearson brush! The write up on it in Allure was pretty good too!
  4. I bought the hair brush, and I love it!! Just so you know though I have not tried the Mason brush. You would think that growing up with a mom that is a hair stylest I would be all over it, but I can't bring my self to spend that much for a brush! That being said I don't really have any thing to compair the Sonia brush to. It makes my hair smooth and shiney, and is comfortable to hold too. If you can find one I would buy it, and if you don't like it your only out about 20 bucks instead of 150!!=)
  5. Brown eyed girl I am from Chicago too!! Doesn't all this snow SUCK!!
  6. What section of Target are you finding the brush? I still can't find it!
  7. The brushes are in the "cosmetic" (NOT haircare) section of Sonia Kashnuk. I believe they're about half way down on the right.
  8. yep, the brush should be in Sonias product section. If you don't see any on the shelf copy down the bar code number, and go to one of those price check things and hand punch in the number. It should then tell you if they might have any in the back!
  9. I really want one of these now!!!

    Should I order one online? (There's not a Target nearby)...
  10. missjenny2679 - Yes I am so sick of the winter this year! What the heck is up w/the weather here?!

    I finally bought the brush after trying 3 Targets! You can do a search on the website to see if it is in stock at your local Target. However, it's not very reliable. Anyway, my brush smells like rubber!

    Can I use this on wet hair or no?
  11. My mom bought me one and I just got it today.. too bad my hair is in a ponytail so I can't really try it out... it kind of smells funny though... ill get back to you about the results!
  12. how much are they?
  13. around 14.99

    good deal just to try... hopefully it's good

    my hair's still in a pony though cause its soooo windy outside
  14. I have been using mine for a few weeks and really like it! my hair is shinier. I haven't used it on wet hair though.
  15. I tried it and didn't think there was anything special about it