New Soho Pocket Flap Sand Leather

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  1. Just wanted to share my excitement over my new Coach purse. Bought this Soho bag from the new Spring 2008 line. I bought it last week and haven't returned it yet! (I usually buy a new purse and then return it in a few days...a combination of buyer's remorse and pure guilt). I love this Soho Pocket Flap's pebbled leather. It feels like a broken-in baseball glove. It's also a little thicker most of the other leather Coach bags I have been eyeballing lately. I've been wanting a light colored leather bag for Spring and Summer (don't like fabric). So I'm a happy Coach camper for now.
  2. I think it's darling, it is the one in your avatar, correct? I like the idea it has thick leather. What a nice purse for spring/summer! I'm not a fan of signature fabric, either so welcome another Coach leather lover into our group! It's a keeper. Don't go returning it now!
  3. That is a gorgeous purse that will go with just about anything in any weather !
  4. Very pretty. Congrats.
  5. Hi Oops

    Yes, it is the bag in the avatar. I'd love to get the matching wallet in the same color!
  6. What a great quote by Marc Jacobs!
  7. That's a pretty bag for spring/summer!
  8. Congrats, SO pretty - love the charm too!