New Soho from the Outlet!

  1. Actually my husband went to the outlet for me instead of spending the afternoon with my mother!! :p He came back with a white leather soho for about $150!! This one: (picture snagged from eBay)
    And he also got me the adorable matching photo keyfob!

    But I think I'm going to exchange them for something different next weekend. I have the black signature soho, (pic in my sig) which I adore, but this is basically the same purse in a different color.

    Since I didn't go to the outlet, I don't know what might be there, but can anyone suggest something else for me?? Maybe something a little bigger with a different shape?? That comes white or light for summer?

  2. The soho hobos that zip across the top are roomy and on sale at the outlet.
  3. OOOO I love the White Soho he bought!! LOVE IT!!!!

    I understand though if you have one just like it.
  4. Second that suggestion. I've got a white one and it's super comfy, fits perfectly on the shoulder, drapes nicely and holds a lot.
  5. GREAT suggestions, ladies! Thanks you so much. I love both of those ideas!! I want to have some idea of what I'm looking for when I walk into the outlet for the first time so I don't get too crazy and buy out the entire store!!!!
  6. I was just at the outlets this past weekend and I'm pretty sure they had a satchel-like bag with those colors that had two pockets in the front. Maybe you could go look at that?
  7. I was told the outlets will have a new floorset for next Monday. You may want to wait until then to see what the new stuff is. :smile:
  8. upswife- Ohhhhh, thanks for the tip! Do you think I should go Monday night? (I can't go during the day that Monday) Would waiting until the following Saturday be too late? (I would think so!) What do you think?

    stacmck- A satchel sounds awesome too!! TOO many amazing choices!
  9. I would call your outlet to double check they also get the new floorset this Monday. From my understanding, which could be wrong, the new floorset for the outlet is like a new floorset for the boutique in that they will have LOTS of each item. IMO, it's doubtful that they would run out that quickly.
  10. She is right. The new floor set at the Outlets is Monday, April 30th. I may head over next week to my outlet to check it out.