New Soho Double Pocket (*Pictures)

  1. So I caved and got her :heart: Its the Soho double pocket with mini C's, fabric with leather trim. Like kezza said, it really isnt as square as it comes out in pictures (I think the large pockets and looking at it head-on just makes it seem too square), theres a cute slouch. When I saw it in person I immediately thought how adorable it is! She'll be my everyday purse.

    Thank you ladies for helping me decide earlier (Should I get this?). Seeing purses in person really do make all the difference! I also got a COACH lanyard for my cell phone.



    I know the hardwares dont match but I just threw the wristlet beside it.


    And the lanyard.

  2. It looks much better in your pictures than in the original one you posted-I like it here! Congrats! May I ask what you paid for her?

    I like the lanyard too-I see you have Sprint too-ah-other than the ridiculous age difference-we are like twins-LOL
  3. LOL Damn right we're twins. What did you tell me earlier? I should just come to you with all my questions? You always know the answers LOL

    Thanks D :shame: Yeah shes so much cuter in person. It came to about $279 from $328.
  4. ^^ you girls are too cute! love the new bag
  5. Great new bag, I didn't realize it was in the Mini-Cs, very cute! Glad you like it, wear it in good health!

  6. awe-my grandmother always use to say that whenever I got something new-"wear it in good health". Man-i miss her!
  7. I love that bag! Congrats; it is the perfect every day handbag!
  8. Nice choice. Looks like it will be a great bag for everyday.
  9. Very cute! I agree, it does look better than the stock photos.
  10. WAY cuter in your pics! How exciting for you!! :smile:
  11. Thank you girls :shame:
  12. So cute! Gotta love those coach lanyards!
  13. I agree. Looks much better in your photos. Nice choice! It'll make a great every day bag. Love the lanyard too. I need to get one of those for my phone.
  14. I love her congrats!
  15. Very cute!